Monday, November 10, 2008

A Purr-fect cup of tea

As the days have become shorter, and the air ,frost filled I have taken more time in the making of a cup of tea. Learning to stay focused in the moment, appreciating the sound the kettle makes, listening for the boiling point, watching the leaves unfurl in the gaiwan, noting the differences in the fragrances, these have all brought me to a new level of awareness. I am always so surprised and yet know I should not be , at how much I have learned about myself, my surroundings and others, by paying attention to the making of a pot of tea.


Bryan said...

I like your blog! Thanks for following me. Lately I too have been in the mood for yan-cha.

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Anonymous said...

I too have benefited from the process of making tea. I find one of its best and simplest effects has been to slow me down so I take a break for a few minutes during the day. --Jason

bjc707 said...

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