Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Empty Teabox

Over the past few weeks I have read many a tea blog. Excitedly I have ordered tea, upgraded my tea-ware and planned to better record my experiences with tea. I hurried to drive the 70 miles to town today when the post called to let me know that a package had arrived from China!

Waiting now for several weeks from Yunnan Sourcing LLC (A tea merchant on E-Bay) for a shipment of tea I ran through my mind the exciting adventures that awaited me from inside this box.

Tonight I would brew a pot and sit back to enjoy and then post this experience on my blog spot.
But the tea gods had other plans. The picture below tells the story. an empty ripped open box that had nothing in it, that had been carefully repacked into a new box by Canada post, with there formal notice of "Well we got the box to you" Sorry about the stuff that might have been inside.

No I shan't cry over spilt milk, but lost tea...........

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tieguanyin said...

OMG!?!?! Was the tea ever recovered? What a shame!