Monday, October 27, 2008

Trouble in the Henhouse (Bai Ji Guan) 2008

This tea has now been sitting on my shelf for 48 hours and it is time to give it a try. I have purchased Bai Ji Guan from three different sources and am hoping to do a comparison between all three. This one if from Tea Dragon, the other two are from Aaron and from Seven Cups.

Dry Leaf Appearance Lighter than most of the wuyi teas that I have tasted, the fragrance faintly sweet and a slight bit floral
Wet Leaf Appearance Nice golden toasted edges, beautiful full leaves, medium size in nature with good veining showing in the leaves. Warm summer rain almost mossy fragrance.

Leaf Weight and Vessels 3 grams and brewed in a 125ml porcelain gaiwan

Brewing Parameters Water was brought to a boil, two nice long deep breaths and water poured over upturned lid, not directly on leaves, fast rinse, 15s 15s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 1min, 2min.

Aroma Warm honey, slightly nutty like toasted almonds, with a bit of a woodsy foundation. I find that there is a commonality of base fragrances in all of the wuyi teas, ever so slight was this foundation fragrance there.

Liquor Light faded lemon, clear

Progressions As each steeping took place I was surprised how similar and consistent they remained. The last infusion left for 2 minutes, and allowed to get cold, was very consistent with all of the previous infusions. Not fulfilling enough to become an iced tea, but very drinkable cold

Taste The taste through each of the infusions was soft a bit sweet and very well rounded. I kept thinking that there should be more of a complex taste or a greater progression of flavors, neither of these things happened. Kind of like eating ice cream in the rain, It was good, but there seemed to be something missing or I was not able to get the full effect. There seemed to be a wavering of fruit flavors in the background, but I was not sure I was tasting this or was just hopeful, Whatever it was it was very fleeting.
Huigan radiates a soft sweetness that remains for some time
Yunxiang a bit of the woodsy underlying wuyi taste
qi not very evident for me
Conclusions I am glad that I purchased this white cockscomb , and look forward to comparing the other two. I think that maybe left to age a bit, it could become more fulfilling, and complex, I would like to try some aged, and at least some different years. I have read so much about this tea, and found it enjoyable but simple. Possibly my expectations were a little ambitious for this tea.

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